Sunday, April 1, 2012

A shopper's dream destination!

When travelling, for us girls, shopping is always a big part of the fun, and sourcing out those little hidden gems is the thrill of the hunt for me!!!  Malls just don't do it...individually owned shops which make me feel like I have just had an unforgettable, and personal experience, with the passion and heart of the owner at their core, is what I look for!!

Just such a shop is Posh on Palm, situated in beautiful, sunny Sarasota, Florida on the Gulf coast. I know many of you may be familiar with it, since it has been featured in all the best decorating mags over the years...but many of my Canadian friends who visit Florida, may not be familiar with it.

Owned by Mark and Suzie Lohman, it is the best of the romantic, cottage style aesthetic so popular with so many of us....located in downtown Sarasota, on Palm Avenue. Situated in a grand, old Florida style hotel, the shell that the Lohman's have to work with, is perfection in itself, before you discover their enchanting, romantic wares!!


Bedding by Bella Notte, and other fine distributors is beautifully showcased, as well as vintage, monogrammed sheets and shams which Suzie adds to the mix.

Gorgeous white, dreamy, slip covered furniture is a trademark, a perfect look for the beach aesthetic in this area of the Gulf coast of Florida....

Every nook and cranny is a feast for the eyes...and so soul soothing....

A creamy white, pastel palette prevails.....

No detail has been spared....

a diaphanous Marie Antoinette style.....

There is some exciting news for the Posh customer on the horizon.... not only will you be able to shop to your hearts content, but Suzie and Mark are about to open a tea/luncheon room in this beautiful establishment...

Imagine having a delicious lunch and brisk cup of tea or iced lemonade at this dreamy table for two!!!
Perfect for a girlfriend's birthday or just a break from a hectic day...

The lovely, vintage dessert counter waiting to showcase luscious selections under glass cloches...

Unique architectural elements are employed, the entrance to the tea room...

I loved these vintage, distressed pair of doves, so adorable as garden ornaments, or to use in wedding decor!  Suzie, I may have to call.....

The sleepy resident pet kitty, perfectly content and at home in such luscious and serene surroundings....the store was formerly...The Cat's Meow!!!

Be sure to discover Posh on Palm when visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida.
You will be so happy that you did!!

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  1. Great romantic vintage inspired store. I love the soft linens layered up, it is crying out 'come lay down and rest'. Very pretty indeed.

  2. What a gorgeous shop - we are hoping to come to Florida at the end of the year - I wonder if I will be able to wrangle a trip to this shop -somehow I don't think my family of men and boys will be too keen. Thanks for all your visits and kind comments on my blog. I am your newest follower. X Sharon

  3. THIS IS SO GORGEOUS. These are my kind of shops too, Nella. I do not like malls, and if I go there, it is only because my husband wants to go to the Mall of America to speed walk on its enormous leveled paths during the harsh winter months. But give me home spun shops with the UNUSUAL and beautiful, like what you show here!!!


  4. Gorgeous! What did you buy??? I'm a huge fan of Bella Notte linens and I agree, there's nothing like a small boutique (as compared to a large mall). Lots of little treasures there!

    Enjoy the beginning of your week!


  5. I've been in love with their beautiful shop way back when it was called The Cat's Meow. These photographs are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

  6. I loved the pics, although I live in England My husband and I visit the US as often as possible, Florida being my favourie. Although I have been to Canada and visited Niagra, Toronto and Ottowa, what a beautiful part of the world. Thank you for sharing this with me. Love jane xx

  7. What a sweet morsel that is, I love every little nook. You can tell the owner has great taste and has been collecting for awhile. Did you ask if they were going to have a web page? The linens looked like Pom Pom which I dearly love but most of the time admire from afar. Thanks for sharing, if I am ever in those neck of the woods I will stop by.


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