Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revisiting the potting bench and a year has come and gone!

Coming up for air, after not blogging since the end of May, has been a relief as well as frustrating to say the blog anniversary would have been celebrated July 6, one year of pure pleasure and self discovery mostly....about the rewards and insights gained by connecting to a vast world of brilliant and talented, and extremely kind people, unknown to me prior to that date...the move from our home to commence renovations after many years of living in the same house has been over whelming...I have been packing, editing and sorting and distributing since January! We are now situated about fifteen minutes away, and darting back home to Jordan every day to water the gardens...the heat wave has hit here as well, to check up on the demolition which began last week....the entire first floor is gutted to the studs, kitchen, dining, living room, two baths and three bedrooms..the roof, windows, doors, interior and exterior, trim, and design layout reconfigured..a garden room is being added to one end of the trim and doors are also being replaced through out and the entire house painted inside and out...a bit of a quick update! 

Making the right decisions is quite amazing and causing both my husband and I a great deal of angst!!

.....the real reason for this belated post, is in celebration of my blogging anniversary which I missed due to the move....we actually moved out July 6th!!

I don't check my stats often, but when I have over the past while, it seems that my Potting Benches post is the most viewed by I have decided to repost it for those of you who are not familiar with it....

I made this potting bench, about twelve years ago as a work table for our wedding flowers in my shop, Acorn became a well used and loved
piece, made of recycled windows, doors and anything else I felt would add to its function as well as beauty.
When I closed the store in 2008, I used it for potting plants outdoors in the garden, as well as arranging flowers for our wedding designs.  It has been invaluable to me.
You can see it is starting to acquire a lovely, mossy patina from being outdoors in the shade....

The zinc tub serves as a sink for conditioning flowers....the peonies are from this year's harvest from my garden, peony Sarah Bernhardt...

The window boxes which I have perched on the top shelf are vintage, and often filled
with maiden hair ferns....the wire forms of the geese, I use to grow creeping fig...
stuffed with moss, they are really interesting topiary forms when full grown....

The dimensions are really adequate, it is approximately eight feet long, and thirty inches deep, just like a counter top....

I prefer old garden tools, and rusted wire ware, it looks great with green and white....


This rather large zinc tub, which has been painted, is great for conditioning dozens of roses pior to arranging...

I added the two white wire window cages, to the back of the bench for holding ferns or other flowers to add a bit of green and colour..... can still see the soft rose transfer on the front of the tub, faded after so many years of use..... is interesting to me that this post, about an idea I brought to fruition several years ago, is still causing some interest out there....
I love to upcycle wonderful, old worn treasures, loved from another time and place...

'' I have a vision for living. It is about elements of style. It is about all the things that I love, that I believe in....I'm about things that you keep, that you own and cherish..."

....from the master designer himself, Ralph Lauren....

I have missed all my blogging friends, and hope to be able to visit all of you soon during this time of transition and change....

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    I have missed you SO MUCH! I SO UNDERSTAND what you are experiencing for we have stripped off wallpaper using a STEAMER during that heat wave week, we are having a deck built in our back yard, I am receiving a guest on Monday and I still have a long way to go before this house is ready for her!

    Your potting bench is GORGEOUS. Nothing like galvanized steel and chipped paint benches to spell out BEAUTY!

    Do come by when you have a chance. I so agree about blogging; the kindness, the talents and the SELF DISCOVERY that you encounter are precious and are hard to leave for just a week!!!!

    Be back soon, will ya? Anita

  2. After seeing the images of your garden from past posts, it is easy to see why you have taken the painful {ahh, it's hard to reno} steps to alter your home and stay on the property.
    You will do this all with the style and panache that you put into your current home and garden. I'm looking forward to seeing the transformations. ....... and is it no wonder that a great potting bench like this one would draw so much attention.

  3. Dearest Nella!

    I am taking a break after some serious painting this morning!

    It is so nice to see you come by for a visit my beautiful friend! I am just grateful that even in the midst of all the hard work we have jumped into, the weather is behaving now and mission accomplished! Well, ALMOST!

    Breath in all the beauty of the season my dear and enjoy! Anita

  4. Nella,
    You are so so busy, i would be overwhelmed. That potting bench is so incredibly beautiful, and you made it yourself? Amazing, i'm feeling quite inadequate right about now! Have fun with your renovation, I know it will be fantastic.

  5. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Good to have you back again! Your potting bench looks just lovely.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  6. Well my order is in with hubby to make me a replica potting table. Wonder if I'll get it? haha I think I may have make it myself. If only I knew how:)
    Congrats on the one yr have made quite an impression on us all that have been lucky enough to find you. Good thing the updater works now.

    I'm wishing you luck in the reno and much patience. I for one don't think I could do it. Building the house we live is was enough hair pulling for me.


  7. How lovely to have you back, Nella! I have missed your inspirational, sunny presence. I can only imagine the upheaval you and your husband are going through now. I wish you much energy and joy during the next few weeks of transition.

    Happy, happy blog anniversary, Nella. How funny that we started our blogs more or less at the same time a year ago. I am so grateful for all the inspiration I have gleaned from others during these past twelve months. You included.

    Best wishes,


  8. I'm so jealous. I miss my peonies. Everything is drying out here in PA. Love your post. How beautiful everything looks.

  9. Hi Nella, I ave got to show this beauty to my husband and then beg and plead for my own potting bench. Can you believe I haven't got one? Nope...I have to stoop over and plant all my pots on the ground. I can't believe I don't have even a table to do it on. This bench is 'over the top awesome' my friend. I can see why this is you most viewed post...there are probably a lot of women out there nagging their husbands for one just like it! And you built it yourself? That's even better!!!!
    sending hugs...

  10. This is so beautiful! I am jealous too! Happy anniversary, and thank you for sharing so much with us. x

  11. Those potting bench looks fabulous. Each and every florist should have one in their home. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  13. Nella, I too love this potting bench and all the wonderful things to go with it. I have been wanting one, alas, it will have to wait another year.
    Try to take a break between all the craziness of a remodel. In the end, it will all be worse it!!!!!
    Hugs, Evi

  14. Hi Nella,

    I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are fairing with the big remodel. Sounds like you are fully committed now...I know the results will be amazing and surely once you give birth to the final result all of the hard work and inconvenience will become a blur. Thanks for reminding me how much I adore you gorgeous potting benceh. And a Happy belated Blogaversary!


  15. Cara Nella,
    Your comments are always so sweet. I so appreciate them. I don't get lots of comments so when I do, it makes me happy... Although, even if I did get lots of comments, yours seem so heartfelt. Your blog is sooo beautiful, I take your opinions to heart. Grazie di cuore.

  16. We moved out of our house 3 years ago to do a big renovation and I remember it to be such a stressful time. A combination of huge excitement and a lot of anxiety. Having to make decisions about tiles, paints, finishes etc every day was completely exhausting so I really sympathise with what you are going through. Best of luck x sharon

  17. Beautiful Nella!!!

    Thank you my dear for coming to visit with me yesterday! This summer has been so brilliant. Building decks, painting studios, creating, selling, having guests, dreaming and working hard....I hope your wonderful reunions recharge your spirit and give you all that you need to create wonder and love in all that you do. I am so happy to see you! BE WELL! Anita

  18. OK now I have my 2013 summer project! Build a potting bench like yours!!!!!!!!!! OMG I love it!

    thanks for sharing it.


  19. i think this bench is just awesome! happy weekend to you!

  20. Hi Nella

    I just love love love your potting bench. Your blog always inspires me. I've been rather busy crocheting poppies for Remembrance Day but now I'm completely poppied out... phew! Starting on my Christmas projects now. Hope all OK with you and yours. Love Jane xxxx

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  22. I have been poking around your grogeous blog:-) Your potting bench is amazing!! I am your happy newest follower:-)


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