Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Roses in trees.....

Roses in trees....


A few weeks ago, I came across a very idyllic photo, which left me with my jaw was a photo of Sophie Loren's garden in her Roman villa, photographed in 1964, for Life magazine.....roses growing through gnarled old trees with an understory of grazing sheep... perfection!



This was all the inspiration I needed to trellis my roses....why not tree branches instead of the standard iron tuteurs or cages commonly used to corral arching canes and heavily laden bushes....I was on a mission!

Luckily, living in the woods affords an abundance of fallen tree material....I love the look of cherry tree bark and branches....they have just the right texture for the delicate roses....soooo, we drove some reinforcing iron rods into the soil and attached the beautiful cherry branches....there were some very skeptical looks and arguments in the process...but I was not to be swayed!


Here, if you look closely, the iron rod is holding the cherry branch securely against the rose bush...






Cinderella Fairy, attached to a fallen, cherry tree branch.....

Like most gardens, the roses wait for no one...their first blush is a fleeting glimpse of beauty, whose questionable longevity is subject to sun, wind and rain....

I finally scored Pierre de Ronsard from Palatine Roses this Spring....looking beautiful after just a few months in my garden....yes!

In the kitchen...


Trying to capture them indoors....for a bit.



....and a little bit longer on some sap buckets....

Till next time....I hope I can post a bit more often, but I do visit my blog friends when I have some down time, between gardening and unpacking boxes!!!




  1. Oh my goodness! I'm envious of your gorgeous roses! Ours are struggling .. we've had pelting rain and not enough sunshine :( I hear heat is headed our direction so hopefully we will see some flowers soon. Your photography is spectacular!


  2. I love "la rose Pierre de Ronsard" and your post is beautifull !!!
    I wish you une excellente journée ...

  3. Dear, dear Nella! I have missed your posts so much! And you begin here with my newest crush this summer: ROSES! Funny how things are always there, but our MINDS or hearts are not....until one day, we wake up and find the joys of something so steadfast. LOVE ALL OF THE ABOVE and enjoy unpacking! Anita

  4. Nella

    That bouquet on your table is to die for! What a gorgeous post. Your roses are them winding through the trees. Mine look a little pittiful at this time...not enough love..

  5. Oh my these are just lovely images and wasn't Sophie Loren a beauty in that photo. I love what you have done and those sap buckets are just gorgeous.


  6. Greetings, Nella!
    What beautiful roses you have! They look so natural and carefree trained this way. Even though I know it is a lot of work :) Summer is indeed a very busy time for us gardeners! I'm always thankful for the longer days to garden, even after a busy day at work.
    Take care, and happy summer,
    x Loi

  7. Your roses are so stunning! And what a find those old photos of Sophia. She seems a Rose type of woman I think. Thank you for sharing. Minerva x

  8. Nella, oh wow. The roses are stunning and such a charming colour. I love the pink against the silver vase - very romantic.


  9. Your roses are so beautiful Nella! I think your tree branches for trellises is a wonderful idea. They look so lovely weaving their way through them.
    Have a awesome week my friend.

  10. I just love roses, the first time I saw on in a tree was Sedona Ariz, A Japanese Gardner had it crawling up a wonderful dead tree, it was breath taking. You have such a beautiful post. Did you paint the buckets, lovely. yvonne

  11. Nella,
    I wanted to drive up to Canada, only 4 hours,
    but $100. to get a passport, forget it. I don't know why
    we can't get a one day pass. I wanted to show FDR's home in
    Campabello to my Daughter.
    Have a great and Sunny week.

  12. Nella,
    This is such a gorgeous post. Is that Sophia Loren?
    It is so Darn hot in Maine, I can't do anything outside.
    Stay cool, Thanks for comment On Paula..

  13. Tres jolie moi aussi j`adore les roses !!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  14. Oh, I love this! I was reading through the beginning of your post wondering how you were going to work the magic of growing roses in the shade of trees, but no, THIS is a clever idea. I love the contrast.

    I'm so glad you got a Pierre de Ronsard! I have two that I got this spring. (I killed the two that I bought last spring-- horror of horrors!)


  15. HI NELLA!

    I just came by to see how you are doing. It's been a great summer so far and I hope yours is great! Busy with the house and garden?


  16. This is such a beautiful post.
    That image with the sheep is awesome.

  17. Oh Nella, my words here are typed in the ether, they are not written on paper, and you cannot see the tears that splatter as ink falls on paper. Thank you for coming to visit me, thank you for connecting. Blogging is just that, though many connections come apart, friends leave, and life goes on. I hope you are well, still working on your gorgeous home, and that your dreams are coming to fruition. Hugs to you, beautiful Nella and thanks for stopping by! Anita

  18. Nella, I wish I could get the right climbing rose for Maine..
    had to come back to see them I am Rose crazy. yvonne

  19. Hi Nella,
    I hope you're doing well. :) I have a gardening question for you. Your Pierre de Ronsards are looking so gorgeous. I bought two of them this spring through the mail as "bands". Somewhere I got some advice to plant them in pots before getting them into the ground, so I did.. and they didn't grow all spring. I finally put them in the ground and they're much happier now, but honestly, they just look like twigs with tiny leaves. I've never grown anything successfully from bands before, and wonder, is there a special trick to it? Or just time & patience? Thanks for any help.

    (If I could find a Pierre de Ronsard in a larger size, I would certainly buy it, but I haven't been able to find it in the last few years locally.)


  20. Hi Nella!
    This was Soooooooo Pretty!, it's as if you had smellablog........ Great picture of Sophia, how did you ever find that????????????? Houe you are happy with your renovation...... I will have to go back and check out some former blogs of yours.......... Lovely Post! Maryanne


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